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Montreal Healing

Hello Tammy,

I hope you’ll remember me … we met while both you and I were on vacation at Riviera Maya last June.
I have a favor to be asked of you……since you treated our Son Novak on Vacation, he was in a very good health. Thank you very much to have helped him!!!!!!!
He fought all the virus and bacteria since your Reiki treatment in June…. until last week September. And now, I’m afraid that he’ll be sick again and again.

Do you think you can treat him again via distance healing?
Also, as you know, we tried to have another baby since April…..But nothing happens. I’m so disappointed!!!!! I have difficulty to manage my feeling and feel unbalance in my head and my body.

Do you think you can treat me as well? I have a lot of trust in you “magic hands” Tammy.

*I sent distance healing to Montreal for both her and her Son.