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Reiki for Animals

Animals are OPEN all of the time (young children too) and absorb the energy, whether, Positive or Negative, of the people they spend most of their time with. The Positive Energy is great however they also take on the Negative energy made up of hurt, pain, frustration, stress, bitterness, anger…all in which Reiki helps to release them from thus creating a profound Healing release of that energy animals, children and people take on from their surroundings, circumstances, and people they are trying to help.

Reiki is safe and completely non-invasive especially suited to animals because the therapy does not require the practitioner to know what is wrong in order to work. Practitioners are often guided by an intuitive sensibility. The energy goes where it is needed most and will move away once they have had their fill.

If treating an injury, the animal may become uncomfortable for the first few minutes as the energy is treating the sensitivity of the injury or sore area.

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