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Tammy’s Bio

Tammy Robertson is a natural born Intuitive and Empath / Reader and Healer that works closely with Pets and People here on Earth and in Heaven. Tammy became more mindfully aware of her spiritual growth and experiences – connection with Creator, Angels and Energy – after a single vehicle rollover accident in Oct of 2004. The accident brought about an understanding that her Guardian Angels were at work during the time of the accident, having kept her safe with minimal injuries. Clear connection with the Angels and synchronicities of numbers also accompanied her understanding which guided her to actively seek more spiritual growth by way of spiritual literature and learning.

Energetic connection for Tammy took on an even greater level after the birth of her Son in 2011. Animals began sharing energetic conversation with her in regards to their health, often presenting information of their time of passing from this Earth onto Heaven and following through with validation. Spirit shared communication and showed themselves in a very prevalent way. Tammy took it upon herself to grow her spiritual knowledge and increase her awareness by way of Healing Modalities and Training. She is a certified Usui Reiki Master / Healer and Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner, amongst 3 other Modalities.

Sessions Tammy offers:

Reconnection with your divine loved ones in Spirit with Spiritual / Intuitive / Empathic Readings

Facilitate Removal and Healing of trauma and drama

Divine mind / body and spirit healing on every level

Harmonize and balance your home and business

Energetic clearing and renewal of personal space

Distance Healing and Readings

Intuitive Counseling Sessions

Universal Law Application

Animal Communication

Intuitive Guidance