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reikiReiki is an ancient Japanese energy-based modality that helps bring balance to the body with the aim of promoting and supporting self-healing. The word Reiki means Universal Life Energy. It refers to the energy that makes up all things in the universe.

Universal life force energy flows through each one of us. Reiki healing is simply a means of accessing this energy in a direct and amplified way. It works to create spiritual, mental and physical harmony, which in turn promotes healing.

Reiki practitioners are merely a trained channel for this Universal Life Energy and an intuitive sense often accompanies Reiki.

Reiki is safe and completely non-invasive form of therapy that does not require the practitioner to know what is wrong in order to work. Practitioners are often guided by an intuitive sensibility.

Reiki is limitlessly beneficial to aid in health and wellness. Some of these benefits include:

  • Reduces anxiety, negativity and toxins from the body
  • Addresses emotional wounds and childhood memories
  • Accelerate the body`s natural healing ability
  • Ease life changes, challenges and transitions
  • Goal setting and manifesting intentions
  • Mind, body and spirit balance
  • Expands spiritual awareness
  • Aid animal companions
  • Enhance psychic ability
  • Improve mental states
  • Ease grieving process
  • Clears attachments
  • Relieve insomnia