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Ypo Agreement

Capita plc has reached a four-year agreement on the provision of network and telecommunications services under YPO, one of the UK`s leading public procurement organisations. If I am accepted as a member, I understand that as a condition of becoming a YPO member, I agree to comply with and comply with all YPO guidelines and procedures set out by YPO. These guidelines and procedures include, among other things, all of the guidelines and procedures described in YPO`s Policy and Procedures Manual, the provisions of the yPo`s Trademark and Licensing Agreement that authorizes its chapters to use YPO`s intellectual property rights for YPO`s activities, and the policies and procedures contained in YPO`s antitrust compliance program. , which are described more specifically in the YPO manual on the rules on agreements. Please read your local chapter contact if you have any questions about these agreements or manuals. YPO is looking for OEMs to enter into a framework agreement for the provision of network and telecommunications connectivity products and solutions. The framework is designed to meet the needs of all public sector organizations, including YPO`s internal requirements, by concluding an agreement in which the end customer directly provides “contractual” orders to the final customer and the supplier, on an agreed basis, directly to the end customer. Please respect the terms and conditions in our eProcurement system. You will find the web address in the order documents of the “Communication” section in this notice.

Cost savings, simple system integration and the ability to learn from other schools using the same technology played a key role in the creation of this agreement. Large companies, such as multi-academie trusts, will benefit from fewer duplications and will eventually reduce waste, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Capita has reached a four-year agreement to provide education technology services to schools and local authorities, as part of YPO`s latest framework. YPO is looking for OEMs to be appointed in a framework agreement for the provision of PPE for emergency services and the wider public sector. It is estimated that the framework agreement covers the period from 4 January 2021 to 3 January 2025. Please note that this data is not definitive and may change at YPO`s sole discretion. . UK-Wakefield: YPO Telecommunications Services reserves the right not to commit to promoting this offer if we wish. All information provided by suppliers prior to a tender will not be used to determine the outcome of the processes.

If YPO wishes to continue, a formal award procedure will be implemented in accordance with YPO`s contractual procedure rules. The approach of creating a framework for private providers was influenced by the commitment of YPO players after seeing first-hand the problems of schools with rigid, outdated and costly management rules. Capita has been awarded a five-year, $8 million contract to provide a Network of Extended Areas (WAN) in Cheshire County. Capita Education Software Solutions (ESS), part of Capita plc, secured a three-year, $255,000 contract with Plymouth CAST, a multi-academy trust, to continue to provide sIMS, its school management information solution, to 35 schools.