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Seqirus Enterprise Agreement

“It was a three-year project. It was originally launched by the federal government because they understood that the services we provide were essential for the Australian people and they wanted to make sure they would get the best product for Australia after the end of the current agreement,” she said. A statement issued by the government said that without the deal, the nation would have to source critical medical devices from abroad. “This agreement strengthens Australia`s long-term sovereign medical capabilities and gives us the opportunity to develop vaccines if we need them. According to Health Minister Greg Hunt, Seqirus will invest US$800 million in the development of the facility project under the agreement and create 520 construction jobs by 2021. The $1 billion agreement between the federal government and Seqirus also offers the opportunity to produce vaccines quickly if they respond to health pandemics in the future. Dr Meldrum said the new facility would not have been built without the sales contract with the Australian government being guaranteed. The Victorian government is also expected to contribute to the project. Seqirus, a global leader in influenza prevention, announced that it has signed contracts with the European Commission and 15 European Union member states to provide pandemic influenza vaccines as part of the response to a pandemic emergency. Seqirus is the first influenza vaccine manufacturer to sign pandemic contracts under the EU`s Common Public Procurement Framework. “This is an important step that allows Australia to produce vaccines against future influenza pandemics in mass production and to continue onshore production of seasonal influenza vaccines, Q fever vaccines and anti-toxins.” The News & Insight article < first European framework contracts for pandemic influenza preparedness was awarded to Seqirus In the year ending June 30, Seqirus achieved a turnover of $1.3 billion, out of a total of $9.3 billion. There are many ways to contact us and get in touch with our offices around the world.

The effectiveness of cell-based influenza vaccines depends on the influenza strain. However, a study of one million Americans published in late 2018 showed that the four-tiered vaccine based on Seqirus cells, which protects against all four strains of influenza, offered 36 percent more protection than comparable egg-based vaccines. Offshore opportunities at Seqirus, CSL`s flu vaccine subsidiary, will increase significantly with the new $800 million production facility expected to be completed in 2026. This technology is already in operation at the Holly Springs plant in Seqirus, North Carolina. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the new complex would be the largest flu vaccine production plant in the southern hemisphere. Seqirus is committed to cooperating with key public health actors to develop a range of effective pandemic prevention solutions, including the storage of vaccines for first aid, to protect communities and mitigate the potentially devastating economic and social effects of an influenza pandemic. At Seqirus, we have only one goal: to reduce the severity and effects of influenza, which can reach epidemic or even pandemic levels with deadly consequences. Every year, our flu vaccines help protect millions of people. We find solutions to big, complex, difficult problems, and we see the results in the world around us. We will start again the following year. Seqirus is one of the largest flu vaccine companies in the world. We were created when our parent company CSL Limited acquired Novartis` influenza vaccine business and combined it with the bioCSL vaccine subsidiary.

Seqirus is currently the only company to produce flu and Q vaccines in Australia and the only company in the world to produce anti-poison products that save lives against 11 toxic Australian creatures (snakes, marine animals and spiders). . . .