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Oxford University Research Agreement

Oxford University`s research services can provide data sharing arrangements. The team works closely with Oxford University Innovation, the Technology Transfer Company of the University of Oxford, set up to help university researchers protect and commercialize their inventions. A general agreement template can be downloaded from the right page of this site. There are circumstances in which researchers who are not employed at the university do purely voluntary research here, with academic institutions and as part of a university research project. Research-related contracts are defined as contracts for activities that meet Frascati`s search definition. This form is not suitable for long-term visiting researchers who fall into the following categories: b) those who contribute to intellectual property in the background to a university research project. However, if a contract is not amended, the bid for the proposed contract may be carried out in conjunction with the process of confirming the trust`s ability and ability to participate in the proposed project. Departments/faculties are responsible for signing and submitting the long-format visitor contract. Oxford University Hospitals has a team of people negotiating research contracts with sponsors and/or research organizations under contract on behalf of the trust.

For other students, you are informed of the documents you need to read in your letter of offer or during the application process. By accepting your offer, you confirm your consent to these documents. Visiting scientists are required to sign an agreement as a working condition on the university`s website, in which they commit to respecting the rules of the university/department and to comply with the relevant academic guidelines. In these cases, departments/faculties should contact their HR Officer/HR Business Partners/Legal Services division head. Legal Services have created a long form of visitor contract. A number of model exchange and data access agreements (suitable for research in all four academic fields) are available. While these agreements are intended to address key issues, they must be tailored to the specific needs of a given project. Research services can also advise and offer to check how they are prepared before creating a final signature-ready copy. The completion of a commercial research project differs from other projects on a number of key points: while a visitor agreement is appropriate in many circumstances, an honorary search contract (honour search contract) may be suitable for those with a long-standing connection to the university, as in the circumstances described above. These researchers can be referred to as “honorary researchers,” but can also be referred to as “research fees” or “honorary research investigators.” For more information, please contact Research Services directly: By accepting your offer, you confirm your consent to these documents.

As soon as research teams know that their research proposal requires a contract, they can send a draft contract and a copy of the protocol to review as soon as it is feasible. a) Guest industry researchers who remain collaborators for the duration of their visit also provide advice on a number of research contracts, and related topics such as open source software.