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Autodesk Subscription Agreement

“Autodesk License and Services Agreement”: the standard software license or license and service agreement between you and Autodesk, Inc., Autodesk Development S.rl or Autodesk Asia Pte Ltd. (if applicable), included in or part of the download or installation or regulating a copy of a version of Autodesk software granting you a license to install and access this copy of the Autodesk software. “Autodesk Subscription Contract”: the standard autodesk subscription agreement between you and Autodesk that governs your contract, the subscription benefits (including, but not limited to support) related to the covered software or the standard terms of use of Autodesk 360 between you and Autodesk, which are included in your access and the use of covered services (including, but not limited to, your request). In the event of termination of these terms for any reason (i) your account and your subscriptions and other offers, including offers from your authorized users, will be immediately terminated, (ii) you will cease all access and use of the offers (including all access and uses by your authorized users) and (iii) the above effects regarding the expiry or termination of a subscription or other applicable offer will be applicable. Your payment obligations, ownership of your work (as described in the “You own your work” section (section 5), API and development obligations (including bonds in the “Autodesk” section (section 11.2) and clearing obligations (including clearing obligations in the section “Compensation” (section 19); the return of information licence (section 14); Autodesk`s rights and obligations with respect to property rights (including the rights and obligations of the “Autodesk Proprietary Rights” section (section 17); disclaimers and limitations of liability (in the section “Limited Guarantee, disclaimer, limitation of liability” (section 18); applicable dispute resolution legislation and regulations (in the section entitled “Contracting Autodesk Entity , Governing Law, and Dispute Resolution” (section 21.4); and the liability of anyone who accesses or receives offers through you or your account (including your authorized users) (including the liability described in the “Account” section (section 4) survives termination for any reason. Autodesk may cancel any of your subscriptions or other offers, these conditions and/or your account if (i) you do not have up-to-date paid subscriptions; (ii) you have not paid the amounts (including fees and taxes) for offers or other items due to Autodesk; (iii) You (including one of your authorized users) violate these conditions (including additional agreements, special conditions or other applicable conditions) and you will not be able to remedy this violation within 30 days of the written notification of the infringement; or (iv) you are subject to bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings, you will be in default, enter into an agreement with your creditors or about it (including an assignment for the creditor) or you initiate liquidation proceedings.